Agnes Frankland

Agnes Frankland

Her rise from servant to nobility is both scandalous and romantic.

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By looking at the American Revolution from the street-level, through the eyes of the real people who lived it,  we can see the events as they  truly happened; this story of real people and uncertain outcomes. What was this person’s experience and how was it shaped by their beliefs, their occupation, their age, the color of their skin? 


From the Card:

  • You are working in a tavern outside of Boston when you meet a wealthy gentleman.
  • He brings you back to Boston and pays for your education as an act of charity but it is soon clear that you have a romantic relationship. You elope with him, against his family’s wishes.
  • After your husband’s death, you return to Boston as a wealthy widow.
  • The rowdiness in Boston’s streets frightens you and you begin to carry a gun for self-defense.
  • As the war begins you decide to flee to England.

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