Anna Green Winslow

Anna Green Winslow

A lively teenager who tries to live a normal life in the midst of growing political turmoil.

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From the Card:

  • You move to Boston at age ten to live with your aunt. You learn sewing, handwriting, dancing, and proper manners and attend religious lectures.
  • You and your aunt take part in Patriot boycotts of imported goods and make your own clothes.
  • You like to watch the militias drilling on the Boston Common.
  • Your father trades British tea and is forced to flee to England.
  • You leave Boston during the Revolutionary War to escape the fighting, but you die of tuberculosis before the war is over.

Anna Green Winslow is an example of a normal person who left behind a detailed account of her life, making her an object of fascination for historians. Reading her frequent letters to her mother is nearly like reading from a diary and it allows us to glimpse at the daily life and concerns of a bright teenager living in a troubled time.

For more information on Anna Green Winslow, try:

  • Diary of Anna Green Winslow edited by Alice Morse Earl- This “diary” is, in fact, the letters that Anna wrote to her mother while she was living with her aunt in Boston.
  • Mapping Revolutionary Boston- This web app, presented by the Bostonian Society contains information about Anna Green Winslow and marks the location of her home. A iOS friendly  version of this app is also available in the apple App Store. 

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