Bartholomew Broaders

Bartholomew Broaders

A wigmaker’s apprentice who finds himself at the scene of the Boston Massacre.  

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From the Card:

  • You are on friendly terms with some of the British soldiers in Boston.
  • On the night of the Boston Massacre your friend starts an argument with a British soldier. You are busy flirting with a customs agent’s daughter at the time, but you witness the historic event that follows.
  • You go on to fight in the Massachusetts militia during the Revolutionary War and after the war you become a constable.
  • As wig-wearing becomes unfashionable in the 1800's, you switch careers and open a clothing store and a tavern.

At age 13, boys like Bartholomew Broaders began apprenticeships. Leaving their parents homes to live and study under a master of a craft. Being teenagers, apprentices often got into a lot of mischief. Bartholomew Broaders and his friends were doing just that on the night of March 5th, but in the volatile town they lived in, youthful mischief quickly turned into a violent altercation which ended in bloodshed.

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