Benjamin Church

Benjamin Church

A gifted Patriot leader who becomes America’s first infamous traitor.

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Benjamin Church is arguably the most enigmatic character of the American Revolution. His active involvement with the Patriot cause in, before, and during the war stands in stark contrast to the later revelation that he sold intelligence information to the British Army. His story became  a layer thicker when historians discovered that the intelligence he passed was faulty, leaving the puzzle behind the man’s true motivations unsolved to this day.

From the Card:

  • Alongside Samuel Adams and John Hancock, you are a key figure in the Patriot movement.
  • Your cold manners and gaunt appearance earn you the nickname "the Cadaver."
  • You become increasingly conflicted about politics. You sympathize with the Patriots but feel independence is going too far.
  • You begin passing secrets about the Patriots to Royal Governor Gage.
  • You are arrested and found guilty of spying for the British and exiled to a Caribbean Island, but the ship carrying you never arrives—you are lost at sea.

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