Benjamin Edes

Benjamin Edes

A Son of Liberty with revolutionary opinions and a printing press to spread them.

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In terms of revolutionary activity, the journalist Benjamin Edes is easily the equal of his colleagues Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. His newspaper was a source of news for the Patriot point of view and the most eloquent supporters of colonial liberty often chose it to make their political opinions heard.

From the Card:

  • You and John Gill print the Patriot newspaper The Boston Gazette and other publications which are strongly political.
  • You are an official printer of the Massachusetts Assembly, spreading a radical interpretation of political debates.
  • You make many Loyalist enemies, including the Royal Governor.
  • Patriots use your parlor as a gathering place for punch and plotting before the Boston Tea Party.
  • You escape from Boston during the Siege and continue publishing the Gazette until 1798.

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