Benjamin Thompson

Benjamin Thompson

A dashing, ambitious genius who finds his way in the world from humble beginnings.

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A brilliant lad from the countryside who blazed a path from a moderate apprentice to a European nobleman. Along the way he spied for the British Army, had scandalous affairs, and made important contributions to science and technology in his spare time. The story of Benjamin Thompson reads like an adventure novel and serves as a reminder that sometimes reality can be as surprising as fiction.

From the Card:

  • You move to Boston as a charming, handsome young man with big dreams. You dabble in everything from art to astronomy.
  • At age 19 you marry a wealthy widow who is 10 years your senior.
  • You are a political moderate, but insulting threats from Patriots convince you to abandon your family and become a spy and an officer in the British Army.
  • As the war ends, you travel to Britain where your charisma earns you fame and titles. You are celebrated as a famous inventor and you become “Count Rumford.”

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