Christopher Monk

Christopher Monk

A teenager who is beginning a promising career, but  his future is changed by the Boston Massacre.

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Christopher Monk is the forgotten victim of the Boston Massacre. Unlike the first four victims who died within 24 hours or a fifth who died in a few weeks, Monk was left disabled by his injuries and survived for another decade before the injury claimed his life. In the story of Christopher Monk we are reminded of the thousands of human tragedies that history forgets amid the calamity of a war.

From the Card:

  • As an apprentice, you are learning to be a shipwright, or shipbuilder.
  • At age 17, you are shot at the Boston Massacre. The musket ball enters your back near the kidney and is cut out of your chest.
  • You are left permanently disabled and in chronic pain.
  • The town takes up collections several times for money to support you. Your master is forced to care for you. Because of the injury you sustained, you die 10 years later; the final victim of the Massacre.

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