Dorothy Hancock

Dorothy Hancock

A charming socialite who knows how to throw a party.

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Dorothy Hancock is an example of the wife of a famous man whose own story is rarely told. She is in many ways the quintessential upper-class lady of the 18th century colonies;  attractive, witty and poised, she was  the ideal mate for an 18th century gentleman and she turned many  heads. John Hancock’s aunt had always hoped to see the two of them wed and her aspirations were finally realized in 1775. 

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Dorothy Hancock  portrait by John Singleton Copley from The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston- This elegant portrait, which once hung in her house is accompanied on the website by a brief biography.  

From the Card:

  • You are born into wealth in the prominent Quincy family, and are taught to carry yourself with elegance and poise.
  • Your fiancé is a wealthy merchant and politician. The fashionable parties you host attract all the right people, helping your husband to win political influence.
  • Your daughter dies in infancy, and your son dies at age eight after an ice-skating accident. Your first husband dies in 1793, leaving you childless.
  • Two years later, you marry the captain of one of your first husband’s ships.

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