Ebenezer Richardson

Ebenezer Richardson

An unpopular customs officer who is involved in the death of a young boy.

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By looking at the American Revolution from the street-level, through the eyes of the real people who lived it,  we can see the events as they  truly happened; this story of real people and uncertain outcomes. What was this person’s experience and how was it shaped by their beliefs, their occupation, their age, the color of their skin? 

From the Card:

  • You are a customs official, working for the British Government. You are widely disliked and called ‘the Informer.’
  • You impregnate your wife’s sister and allow the local minister to take the blame. Later, you move to Boston and marry her.
  • You intervene in a Patriot protest in front of your neighbor’s shop. When the crowd attacks your home, you fire your musket, killing eleven-year-old Christopher Seider.
  • You are arrested, tried and convicted of murder but pardoned by the Crown. You leave Boston for good.

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