Edward Montgomery

Edward Montgomery

One of the first British soldiers sent to Boston to control its unruly citizens.

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Edward Montgomery was sent to Boston in 1768, as part of an Irish regiment. He was probably frustrated with the lack of part-time work needed to support his family, and by being surrounded by hostile Bostonians. Finally his frustration exploded on March 5th of 1770. Historians have always wondered what his motivations were, and what would drive a family man to career soldier to cause the first military conflict of the Revolution.



From the Card:

  • You rent a home for your wife and three children in Boston’s North End. Your wife gets into arguments with the neighbors.
  • You fire the first shot at the Boston Massacre. According to some, you shout to the other soldiers telling them to fire.
  • You are found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to death at the resulting trial. However, you plead “the benefit of clergy” which reduces your sentence to a branding of the thumb.
  • After your trial, you join your regiment in New Jersey.

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