Edward Payne

Edward Payne

A prosperous merchant living on King Street who witnesses the Boston Massacre.

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Edward Payne was a businessman who never dabbled in politics, despite working in the Old State House, the hub of Massachusetts politics. Despite his political indifference, he was injured at the Boston Massacre as he watched the events out of the door of his home on King Street; a reminder that even those who wanted to stand back and watch were still swept up in the American Revolution.

From the Card:

  • On the night of the Boston Massacre, you watch with some friends from the door of your home opposite the Old State House. A stray bullet hits you in the arm and another gets stuck in your door.
  • Your injury receives special mention because you are the only wealthy gentleman injured.
  • Like most merchants, your business includes both legitimate trade and illegal smuggling.
  • After the war, you give up trading goods and begin selling insurance.

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