Elizabeth Adams

Elizabeth Adams

She must raise her children alone because her husband puts public service ahead of his family.

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Elizabeth Adams is the wife of a famous man whose own story is rarely told. Marrying Samuel Adams was no picnic; he put his political cause ahead of his family. Elizabeth had to keep a household with minimal help and a limited income from him but she was remembered her toughness and frugality which made her an excellent match for the austere man she married.

From the Card:

  • You grow up in a wealthy household in Boston with five sisters.
  • In 1764 you marry Samuel, a widower with 2 children who is 14 years older than you.
  • Though not an advantageous marriage, it is a loving one. However, your husband puts politics first and you are frequently left to raise your family and keep your household without him.
  • Despite your husband’s meager income, you do your best to maintain an upper-class lifestyle. You hire a servant boy and you inherit an elderly slave, whom you will later free.

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