Elizabeth Carpenter

Elizabeth Carpenter

An ordinary woman who must face the challenges of wartime Boston on her own.

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Elizabeth Carpenter faced very real challenges when her husband went missing. Without her husband’s income her choices were to look to provide for her welfare or try to find work she may have considered beneath her status. In the end she chose to become a housekeeper to feed her children; a reminder of consequences every family risked when their husbands and fathers went to away to war.

From the Card:

  • You marry an Irish barber. Together you have three sons and two daughters.
  • Your husband delivers secret messages to the Patriots by swimming across the Charles River.
  • He is arrested, and you are left to raise your children in the occupied town of Boston, braving disease, fear, and food shortages.
  • You have your youngest child baptized with one of the only remaining Patriot ministers in besieged Boston.
  • Your husband dies in prison and your later life remains a mystery.

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