Elizabeth Loring

Elizabeth Loring

The wife of a wealthy Loyalist who uses her charms to advance her husband’s position.

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Elizabeth Lorring’s husband seems to have willingly turned a blind eye to her affair with his superior and in exchange he was greatly promoted. We are left to guess at how Elizabeth felt about the arrangement. Perhaps she enjoyed the excuse to be romanced by a handsome nobleman or perhaps an ambitious husband coerced her in his own self interest. In any event, Patriots gleefully gossiped about the scandalous affair.

From the Card:

  • You have a scandalous public affair with General William Howe, the British Commander. In return for your husband’s cooperation, he is given a well-paid position in the Navy.
  • You flee Boston when the British evacuate in 1776. The new Commonwealth of Massachusetts confiscates your entire estate.
  • You later settle in London and have three more children with your husband. When he dies, you petition the King for a pension. Your former lover William Howe supports your petition.

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