Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery

A British soldier’s wife who takes her three children to Boston with the army.

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Elizabeth Montgomery traveled 3,000 miles across the ocean to follow her husband’s regiment from Ireland to Boston. Being both Catholic and connected with the army, in primarily Puritan Boston, she would have faced discrimination from her new neighbors. Although her story isn't unique, her story shows the harsh realities of political conflict from a very different perspective.

From the Card:

  • You find it difficult to settle into your temporary home in the North End because Bostonians are hostile toward you as an outsider.
  • One night you exchange insults with a local woman about your husband and the other British soldiers. You exclaim, “My husband will stand his ground!”
  • Your husband later fires the first shot at the Boston Massacre.
  • Following the Massacre, it is assumed you go to New Jersey with your husband’s regiment.

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