Elizabeth Otis

Elizabeth Otis

The daughter of a committed Patriot, who falls in love with a British soldier.


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Historical characters like Elizabeth Otis remind us that people living under the same roof are not guaranteed to agree in politics. Though her father was an illustrious Patriot, Elizabeth chose to pursue the attentions of a handsome British officer. Knowing her father would never consent to a marriage, she eloped with him, with the apparent support of her mother who did not approve of her husband’s radical views.

From the Card:

  • Your mother knows of your love for Captain Leonard Brown, but your father would never approve of the match.
  • You wait until your father is suffering from one of his bouts of madness to get married. When he recovers his sanity, he disinherits you.
  • When your husband is wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill, you move to England with him.
  • Your father eventually forgives you, but not in time to change his will. He leaves you only five shillings.

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