Gawen Brown

Gawen Brown

A clever clock-maker who is the head of an artistic family.  

gawen brown.jpg

Gawen Brown moved to Boston from Nothumbria in England and established himself as one of the finest clockmakers in the colonies. In Boston his clocks can still be found ticking in the Old State House and in the tower of the Old South Meeting House. The man behind the clocks lived a fascinating life and the children he raised went on to become painters and poets carrying on the artistic legacy of the family.


From the Card:

  • Your personal life is touched with tragedy when both your first and second wives die in childbirth.
  • You enlist in the Continental Army for about one year during the early days of the Revolutionary War; two of your sons fight as well.
  • One of your sons becomes a renowned artist, and eventually paints King George III and others in the Royal Court; another son is credited with writing the first American Novel.
  • One of your surviving works is the tower clock on the Old South Meeting House.

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