George Gailer

George Gailer

A sailor who gets into big trouble by reporting smugglers to the authorities.

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Samuel Adams called George Gailer, “the ungrateful and infamous informer.”  but until October of 1769 he was just one of hundreds of common sailors that found work through Mr. Hancock’s merchant fleet . The tarring and feathering of George Gailer was an uncommon sight, and many were terrified by it, but still others had no sympathy for the man they accused of betraying his own people.

From the Card:

  • You work on wealthy merchant vessels, and your voyages keep you away from Boston for months at a time.
  • When the ship on which you work smuggles wine into Boston, you tell the customs officials, earning yourself many enemies.
  • Your enemies find you, beat you, cover you in tar and feathers, and carry you around on a cart as a warning to Loyalists.
  • Although you press charges against your attackers, the jury finds them innocent, despite the evidence.

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