George Robert Twelves Hewes

George Robert Twelves Hewes

A poor shoemaker who witnesses many key events leading to the Revolution.

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History rarely remembers the experiences of ordinary people like George Robert Twelves Hewes. However, when George Robert Twelves Hewes lived to become one of the last living participants in the Boston Tea Party, he became and instant celebrity. Hewes told biographers countless stories that offered a rare glimpse of the American Revolution from the eyes of a poor shoemaker who took part in history.

From the Card:

  • You are in the crowd at the Boston Massacre and see the soldiers fire.
  • You are chosen to lead the colonists dressed like Mohawk Indians in the Boston Tea Party because of your loud whistle.
  • You escape besieged Boston by boat in 1775 and become a Patriot soldier and privateer.
  • After the war, you live in poverty and obscurity until your role in the Revolution is re-discovered in your 90s. You become a celebrity, have your portrait painted, and take part in July 4th parades.

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