Hannah Mather Crocker

Hannah Mather Crocker

A girl who comes of age during the most tumultuous years in Boston’s history.

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Hannah Mather Crocker is part of the generation that came of age in a time of war and revolution. Though her family was torn apart by the conflict she came away inspired by the promises of the new American state. Applying the the ideals of the Revolution to her own life she became an early advocate of women’s rights and wrote some of the first American treatises on the subject.

From the Card:

  • Your father is a Patriot, but some of your relatives are powerful Loyalists.
  • You are visiting your Loyalist uncle when a crowd attacks him because of his politics. He tries to defend his home, but you help persuade him to escape.
  • During the war, your father is watched by the British army, so he sends you to deliver secret letters on his behalf.
  • After the war you become an author, writing mostly about women’s rights. You also establish a female version of the Freemasons which opens several schools for girls.

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