Henry Pelham

Henry Pelham

A multi-talented young man trying to make his mark on Revolutionary Boston.

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The Boston Massacre engraving, famously attributed to Paul Revere was, in fact, a copy of an original image by Henry Pelham. It is surprising that Pelham's name is not better known today, and even more surprising is that the man who created an icon of the American Revolution later died in exile in Ireland.

From the Card:

  • You come from an artistic family and follow in your stepbrother’s footsteps as a portrait artist, but you remain in his shadow.
  • Paul Revere, a friend of yours, plagiarizes your print of the Boston Massacre, robbing you of the credit.
  • You are seen as a Loyalist because of family connections, making you a target of Patriot intimidation tactics.
  • You move to Britain and forge a career as a civil engineer, cartographer, and astronomer.
  • While overseeing a construction project, you tragically drown. .

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