James Bailey

James Bailey

A sailor who becomes an important witness in the trial of the century.

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We know James Bailey’s name today because he appeared as a witness in the trial of the soldiers following the Boston Massacre. Boston was always awash with sailors who were coming or going from Boston Harbor and James Bailey was a one of them who lived in Boston when he was not out to sea. 

From the Card:

  • You are one of many sailors who live in the port town of Boston and sail merchant ships.
  • When soldiers arrive in Boston to suppress political riots, you witness scuffles between colonists and the soldiers.
  • You see a British soldier you know being harassed by a large griup of boys. You are unable to calm the situation and become a witness to the Boston Massacre.
  • During the trial that follows, you describe the danger that the wsoldiers faced that night.
  • Little is known about your life after the trial.

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