James Caldwell

James Caldwell

A coastal sailor who finds himself in the middle of the Boston Massacre.

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We know James Caldwell’s name today because he killed at the event known as  the Boston Massacre. Boston was always awash with sailors who were coming or going from Boston harbour and the young ship’s mate, James Caldwell was a one of them. But on the night of March 5th, Boston became his final resting place. 

From the Card:

  • You are a second mate on a brig called the Young Hawk that sails between Boston and the West Indies carrying molasses and rum.
  • One night, while in Boston, you hear bells ringing. You follow a large crowd to the center of town, perhaps intending to help fight a fire.
  • You find a large, angry crowd surrounding British soldiers. When the soldiers fire into the crowd you are killed instantly.
  • When your captain learns of your death he calls for a musket and swears revenge upon the soldiers.

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