John Adams

John Adams

He is one of the greatest legal and political minds of his generation, but is often disagreeable.

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From the Card:

  • Your ambition as a young lawyer thrusts you onto the political stage.
  • You can be moody and arrogant, earning you some enemies. However, your unrivaled legal genius and quirky charm also earn you friends and supporters.
  • Despite your political views, you represent the soldiers accused of murder at the Boston Massacre.
  • You spend many years away from your beloved wife, Abigail, when you are away on political business. You correspond with frequent letters.
  • You draft the Massachusetts Constitution, a model for the U.S. Constitution.

John Adams was only an ambitious lawyer from the country when he began to emerge in colonial politics. His ambition and drive carried him through life until he held the highest office in America. Unlike other early US presidents, John Adams is remembered as a complex and flawed human being rather than an untarnished hero and that makes him all the more inspiring and interesting to those who study him.

For more information on John Adams, try:

Presidential Biography of John Adams- This official White House biography talks about the later life of John Adams as he moved from Massachusetts politics to the national stage.

The Correspondence between John and Abigail Adams hosted by the Massachusetts Historical Society- The letters between John Adams and his wife provide an intimate look at the intimate relationship the couple had throughout their many years apart.

The Diary of John Adams hosted by the Massachusetts Historical Society- Daily life is often the most fascinating thing to glimpse with a famous historical personage like John Adams. Thanks to the diary he left, we can see just that.

John Adams by David McCullough- This is perhaps the most well known biography of John Adams. It is a best selling book and served as the inspiration for the 2008 TV Miniseries. 


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