John Carnes

John Carnes

A failed minister who opens a shop, and becomes involved in Washington’s spy ring.

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By looking at the American Revolution from the street-level, through the eyes of the real people who lived it,  we can see the events as they  truly happened; this story of real people and uncertain outcomes. What was this person’s experience and how was it shaped by their beliefs, their occupation, their age, the color of their skin? 


From the Card:

  • Your father paid your tuition at Harvard with pewter plates instead of money.
  • Two different congregations dismiss you as their minister, forcing you to become a shop owner to make ends meet.
  • When a British soldier robs your shop, you seek the harshest penalty the law allows.
  • You become a spy for George Washington. You get caught because of your lack of caution, and the British send you out of Boston.
  • You become a chaplain to one of Washington’s regiments in the war.

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