John Singleton Copley

John Singleton Copley

A gifted artist and the portrait painter of many of the big names of Revolutionary Boston.

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John Singleton Copley is an artist whose work was shaped by where and when he lived. Without the patronage of nobility, the artists of the colonies were seen as craftsman rather than fine artists. Copley complained that he had to paint portraits of wealthy merchants because that was the only kind of work that made him any money. Still historians are indebted to his work for capturing the faces of the past.


From the Card:

  • Your marriage to the daughter of a wealthy merchant greatly improves your social status. You enjoy living the high life.
  • You sympathize with the Patriot cause, but make no outward political commitment until family connections force you to side with the Loyalists.
  • Your father-in-law imports the tea that causes the Boston Tea Party. You unsuccessfully plead for forgiveness from your Patriot friends, on behalf of your Loyalist family.
  • You escape the turmoil by moving to London before the war begins, where you continue your illustrious career.

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