John Gammell

John Gammell

A craftsman  who is driven to radical politics by hard times.

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The economic slump of the mid-1760’s, caused by involvement with the French and Indian War, hit working men like John Gammell particularly hard. Saddled with enormous debt, the Massachusetts Colonial government raised taxes on an already struggling population.  Then, when British Parliament raised more taxes, people decided that they had had enough. Much like people today, John Gammell and many other men chose their politics based on the economy.


From the Card:

  • As hard times hit Boston in the 1760s, people stop moving to town and you have trouble finding carpentry work.
  • You blame the British government for the poor economy and join in public protests.
  • Along with family members, you participate in the “Boston Tea Party” in 1773.
  • You join the Continental Army, and your building skills are put to use in ousting the British Army from Boston.
  • After the war you return to Boston, and you are eventually appointed as the collector for the tax on cows.

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