John Greenwood

John Greenwood

The young son of an ivory turner who is driven to fight in the American Revolution.

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At the tender age of ten, John Greenwood’s closest friend was killed at the Boston Massacre, which was the first soldier/colonist violence of the Revolution. It’s possible that this traumatic event was his motivation for running away to join the army five years later, even though he was still technically too young to enlist. It seems clear that his involvement in the war was much more personal than political.

From the Card:

  • You are ten years old when your friend Samuel Maverick is killed at the Boston Massacre. Samuel was like a big brother to you.
  • You move to your uncle’s farm in Maine, but at 15 you run away, and walk 150 miles to Boston to become a fifer in the Continental Army.
  • You later become a dentist. You make George Washington’s famous dentures out of hippopotamus ivory and human teeth.
  • You invent the first dental drill, the “Dental Foot Engine.”

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