John Mein

John Mein

A publisher from Scotland who does not like to be bullied.

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John Mein and his partner printed a higher quality product than any other newspaper in town, but some of the paper’s opinions were unpopular enough to make the men targets of public rage. Mein and his partner were not only criticized, but attacked in the street.  In their story we discover that openly disagreeing with the majority in colonial Boston could be a dangerous prospect.

From the Card:

  • The Sons of Liberty pressure you to join a boycott of British goods. Instead, you lash out and repeatedly insult the Patriots in your Loyalist newspaper.
  • A Patriot mob threatens to kill you, forcing you to find shelter in the soldiers’ barracks next to the Old State House.
  • You flee to London. On the day you leave, an effigy of you is paraded through the streets of Boston and burnt.
  • You are seriously in debt and spend a year in debtors’ prison in London.

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