John Piemont

John Piemont

A French wigmaker living in Boston who has many troublesome apprentices.

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Although we often think that the soldiers who occupied Boston in the 1770’s must have been universally shunned, John Piemont proved that that was not the case. Not only did he do business with the soldiers, but he even hired one, proving that there was a certain level of integration of the soldiers into Boston society. It seems that he tried to stay as politically neutral as possible, in the interest of business.

From the Card:

  • You move to Boston and set up a shop on King Street. Your customers are Loyalists and Patriots alike.
  • You employ several boys as apprentices who help run your shop.
  • When soldiers arrive in Boston to suppress political riots, a number of British officers become your customers. You even hire one of the soldiers to work in your shop part-time.
  • Your apprentices get into a fight with a soldier, sparking the Boston Massacre.
  • Later, as wigs go out of fashion, you enter the tavern-keeping business.

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