John Rowe

John Rowe

A successful merchant who befriends important people, regardless of their politics.

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John Rowe was a businessman, first and foremost, and he did not see any profit in taking sides. However, prominent men like Mr. Rowe were pressured to take sides, so navigating the middle road proved a very difficult process as he was called out by Loyalists and Patriots alike. John Rowe kept a detailed diary which gives us a wonderful glimpse into his everyday life. 

From the Card:

  • You complain bitterly about British taxes and sometimes smuggle to avoid them, but you stop short of taking sides politically.
  • You serve as a Representative in the Massachusetts Assembly, and find it difficult to maintain political neutrality.
  • Some claim they saw you at the meeting that preceded the Boston Tea Party remarking that, “Maybe tea and saltwater will mix tonight.” Your diary states you were sick in bed.
  • As the political situation worsens, you distance yourself to focus on being a merchant.

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