Joshua Loring Jr.

Joshua Loring Jr.

He is a wealthy Loyalist landowner who rises quickly through the ranks of the British Navy.

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Joshua Lloyd Lorring seems to have willingly turned a blind eye to his wife's affair with his superior and in exchange he was greatly promoted. Patriots gleefully gossiped about the scandalous affair which helped them to paint their enemies as immoral and their own cause as righteous and pure.

From the Card:

  • You serve on Royal Governor Gage’s Council.
  • When asked about being a Loyalist, you say, “I have always eaten the King's bread, and always intend to."
  • Your wife has a public affair with General William Howe, Commander of the British Forces. In return for your cooperation, you are given a well paid position.
  • You flee Boston when the British evacuate in 1776. The new Commonwealth of Massachusetts confiscates your entire estate. You and your wife move to England, where you have three more children.

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