Joshua Wyeth

Joshua Wyeth

A teenaged apprentice who is chosen to participate in the “Boston Tea Party”.

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Many of the popular protests of the 1770’s involved young men  like Joshua Wyeth. Because they were often trapped in frustrating seven-year apprenticeships, and were thus living away from home for the first time, it must have been impossible to ignore the lure of the exciting protests and riots. Young men were also, of course, ineligible to vote, so this was their way of (quite literally) making their voices heard.

From the Card:

  • You move to Boston in 1770 to begin an apprenticeship with a belligerent blacksmith. Your new hometown is wracked with riots and protests.
  • You are asked to participate in the destruction of British tea in 1773 along with several other young men and boys.
  • You fight in the Continental Army. After the war ends you move west and settle on the Ohio frontier.
  • Most participants in the famous tea protest keep their identities secret, but you are the first to publish an account of his role.

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