Josiah Quincy

Josiah Quincy Jr.

A lawyer and orator, whose poor health compels him to accomplish great things.

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By looking at the American Revolution from the street-level, through the eyes of the real people who lived it,  we can see the events as they  truly happened; this story of real people and uncertain outcomes. What was this person’s experience and how was it shaped by their beliefs, their occupation, their age, the color of their skin? 


From the Card:

  • As a young man you contract tuberculosis, a fatal disease, and are driven to make the most of your remaining years.
  • Under the name “Hyperion” you write articles speaking out against the policies of the British Government.
  • You help to successfully defend the soldiers accused of murder in the Boston Massacre.
  • You travel to England where you seek the aid of politicians who sympathize with the American cause.
  • On the journey home from England, your illness finally claims your life. You die within sight of Boston.

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