Judith Murray

Judith Murray

A talented writer who feels that men and women should be educated equally.

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In general, 18th century women had only limited access to education. However, not only were upper-class women like Judith Murray well taught, but they also had the opportunity to use their education. Many women found their voices through writing (poetry, letters, or novels), and tackled contemporary politics as well as social issues. One must wonder what they would have accomplished if they had been born 200 years later.

From the Card:

  • You are well-educated for an upper class woman, but are jealous of your brother’s extensive education.
  • During the Revolution you live just north of Boston, and feel the financial impact of the port closure.
  • Your future husband is accused of being a British spy. To dispel rumors, he joins the Continental Army. You write him letters about the difficulties of wartime life.
  • You are best known for your essays advocating for the equality of the sexes and bold stance on the intellectual abilities of women.

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