Kezia Richardson

Kezia Richardson

A widow working as a housekeeper whose scandalous affair links her to an infamous man.

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Learning about middling or lower-class women like Kezia Richardson is sometimes nearly impossible. Women didn’t hold jobs, and only rarely had portraits painted of them, or left paper-trails. The only reason we even know she existed is because of the scandals she was involved in; scandals which, of course, involved men. Women remained in the political and social background, meaning we can only speculate about what her personal opinions and experiences were.

From the Card:

  • You become pregnant by your brother-in-law, and allow the townspeople to believe that the child is your employer’s. You move to Boston and marry your brother-in-law after your sister’s death.
  • Your husband becomes an informer who notifies officials about smugglers, and is despised by many.
  • Your husband kills an eleven-year-old boy in a confrontation with a Patriot crowd outside your house. He is convicted of murder.
  • Pardoned by the Crown, he later moves to Philadelphia. Nobody knows what happens to you.

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