Margaret Draper

Margaret Draper

A skilled businesswoman and staunch Loyalist who becomes a successful publisher.

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It is amazingly easy to look at history from the perspective of the “winners,” which in the case of the American Revolution, means those who supported the Patriot cause. However, the common estimate is that only about 1 out of 3 colonists considered themselves to be Patriots; the rest were Loyalists or neutrals. It is important when studying history to look at the stories of the “losers” too, and try to understand their perspectives.  

From the Card:

  • When your husband dies, you become the manager of a publishing business and a Loyalist newspaper, the Massachusetts Gazette.
  • Confident you can run the newspaper on your own, you fire your assistant because he has revolutionary ideas.
  • Ironically, you continue to publish almanacs containing Patriot views, purely to make money.
  • You are determined to stay in business even during the Siege. Your newspaper is the only one that stays in print in Boston at that time.
  • You leave your homeland and flee to England in 1776.

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