Margaret Gammell

Margaret Gammell

Many men in her life participate in protests, but she is not allowed join.

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While the men in her life were busy being active in popular protests, Margaret Gammell would have been at home. The work of women often goes unmentioned, but caring for a large family in the days before vaccines, refrigeration, indoor plumbing, and unisex public schooling, would have been exhausting. It’s important to remember that without wives and mothers taking care of domestic affairs, men never would have been able to pursue the political realm. 

From the Card:

  • You are raised in the heart of Boston. Some of your earliest memories include the massive protests of the 1760s in which your own father actively participates.
  • At age 18 you marry John Gammell, only a few months before he joins your father in the event known as the “Boston Tea Party”.
  • During the war you move with your husband and daughter to Lexington to escape the overwhelming number of British soldiers in Boston. But you return to the town after the war.
  • You have 16 pregnancies by age 45.

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