Mary Allen

Mary Allen 

A young Patriot who learns to spin flax to support the American cause.

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Mary Allen was orphaned as a child, but had the good fortune to be taken in by her radical Patriot uncle. Although women were generally discouraged from getting publicly involved with politics, she and other young women learned to spin linen thread to help support the Non-Importation agreements. One must wonder, though--was she supporting her own personal beliefs, or those of her uncle?

From the Card:

  • Your father is a tailor. Some of Boston’s leading gentlemen frequent his shop.
  • After your parents die, you live with your uncle, Samuel Adams. Like him, you become an ardent Patriot.
  • As a teenager, you support the Patriot cause by wearing homespun dresses in place of fine fabrics from Britain.
  • With other young ladies, you take part in a spinning bee at Faneuil Hall. You win the contest and are crowned with a laurel wreath.
  • After the war begins, you marry a young minister and move to the countryside.

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