Mary Clapham

Mary Clapham

An independent widow who runs a boardinghouse near the Old State House.

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Mary Clapham was essentially cheated out of her tavern keepers licence after her husband’s death. The Massachusetts court sided with her, but the town officials insisted that the court could not tell them what to do. Without the licence to sell alcohol, but still needing to support herself, she established a genteel boarding house in the center of town, which was seen as a respectable way for a widow to support herself. 


From the Card:

  • You keep a tavern near the docks for years until an enemy falsely accuses you of “misrule” and your license is taken away despite your legal battle.
  • You move to King Street where you open a genteel boardinghouse.
  • Since your home is next to the site of the Boston Massacre, you display paintings in your windows every year to commemorate the event.
  • When the war begins, British soldiers become your main customers. One even elopes with your daughter!.
  • To pacify your military customers, you stop your annual Boston Massacre displays.

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