Mary Dill

Mary Dill

A strong willed woman from Bermuda who marries a Patriot printer from Boston.

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Mary Dill is a middle class wife and mother and many people like her are unknown to historians. However, Mary Dill is known by some because of the scandalous affair which ended her marriage. We do not know how she met the man she had her dalliance with, but it is an interesting coincidence that several years before the affair he had worked in the same building that later became her home.

From the Card:

  • You are swept off your feet by a young traveler and you return with him to his native town.
  • Married life in Boston proves unbearable and you beg your husband to return you to Bermuda. You live together unhappily for years.
  • You meet a handsome stranger who takes you away on a long journey. You tell your husband that you will go, even if it means your eternal ruin. He immediately files for divorce when you return.
  • After the divorce, there is no record of what happens to you.

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