Matthew Kilroy

Matthew Kilroy

As a soldier in the British Army, he is among the first troops sent to control the riots in Boston.

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Matthew Kilroy  was sent to Boston in 1768, and caused constant trouble. Robbery and street fights were only the beginning; he finally said that he would take any chance to kill a Bostonian. He finally had his chance on March 5th of 1770, when he was responsible for up to  two deaths. Although history  very rarely consists of “good” and “bad,” it seems clear that he was the latter type. 

From the Card:

  • You gain a bad reputation in Boston. You are accused of assaulting women, robbery, and participating in brawls.
  • You are overheard saying you would kill townspeople, given the chance.
  • Witnesses say you shoot Samuel Grey at the Boston Massacre and stab him with your bayonet. Your bayonet is found covered in blood.
  • You are found guilty of manslaughter. To escape execution, you plead “benefit of clergy,” and are branded on the thumb.
  • After your trial, you join your regiment in New Jersey.

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