Mercy Scollay

Mercy Scollay

She is newly engaged to a Patriot leader, but worries that the looming war will affect her happiness.

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It’s possible that one day Mercy Scollay could have became a First Lady. But, because of the tragic death of her fiancée, her life remained forever a shadow of what could have been. Although intelligent, beautiful, and wealthy, she remained unmarried and dependent upon her family. Her story is a reminder that war has lasting consequences for everyone, not just soldiers and politicians.

From the Card:

  • Your affluent Boston family throws its weight behind the Patriot cause.
  • Your fiancée dies bravely at the Battle of Bunker Hill. You are left to care for his four children from a previous marriage.
  • You aren’t entitled to a war widow’s pension, because you were not yet married. Patriot leaders assist you in gaining money to support yourself, but you never become financially independent.
  • You never marry and live with your sister until your death.

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