Mercy Otis Warren

Mercy Otis Warren

An intelligent and independent woman who is thrown into the center of Patriot politics.

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Mercy Otis Warren was accustomed to speaking her mind. With a sharp wit and a malicious pen, she wrote merciless criticism of unpopular public officials and secured her reputation for eloquence. With this reputation she was encouraged to write more texts including one of the first histories of her own time. Later, however, her acerbic pen was turned against the US constitution as she took a stance as an Anti-Federalist.


From the Card:

  • You belong to the Patriot elite. You are not just an observer; you help create political propaganda.
  • You write plays satirizing Loyalists. You viciously mock Loyalist individuals using thinly disguised nicknames.
  • As your reputation as a writer grows, John Adams asks you to write a poem celebrating the Boston Tea Party. This is a great honor for any writer.
  • In 1805, you publish one of the first histories of the American Revolution, despite strong prejudice against female writers.

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