Nathaniel Hurd

Nathaniel Hurd

A talented craftsman who wants to be considered an educated gentleman.

Nathaniel Hurd.jpg

Nathaniel Hurd shows that, just like today, not everyone cares about politics. He went along with the current, but was never directly involved with any Patriot or Loyalist groups, or the military. One could say that he was married to his profession, because not only did he not get involved with politics, but he also never married! It is safe to say that he was a bit of an 18th century oddity. 

From the Card:

  • Your father is a very popular silversmith but he falls on hard times and dies quite poor.
  • You begin a good education but instead of going to college you apprentice in your father’s trade.
  • You become famous for your skilled engravings and your customers include many prominent citizens. Like some of your wealthy customers, you commission a portrait of yourself by John Copley.
  • You never marry, but people gossip about the women you bring home.
  • You die young in 1777, leaving your unfinished work to your colleague Paul Revere.

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