Newton Prince

Newton Prince

A free black man and business owner who lives comfortably in Boston’s North End. 

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Newton Prince was free, but it was not easy for a black man to be his own master in 18th century Boston.  Prince worked very hard to support himself and build his reputation, but in the end his reputation was permanently damaged when he chose to testify in defense of the Boston Massacre soldiers. When Loyalists evacuated Boston in 1776, he chose to go with them and spent the rest of his days as a Loyalist in Canada.

From the Card:

  • You and your wife have a business catering social gatherings.
  • You send a petition to end slavery to the Massachusetts Colonial Government. The politicians at the Old State House reject it.
  • You witness the Boston Massacre and speak in favor of the British soldiers at their trial. Afterwards, you lose business in your shop and are threatened by Patriots, making life in Boston difficult.
  • You move to London and become a coal merchant. You are given a pension by the British Government for your loyalty.

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