Paul Revere

Paul Revere

A respected and energetic artisan who devotes his skills to the Patriot cause.

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From the Card:

  • Your father immigrated from France when he was a child. Your mother was from one of the oldest Boston families.
  • Following in your father’s footsteps you become a silversmith, but you also dabble in engraving, dentistry, and later open a hardware shop and copper foundry.
  • You are social, confident and active in your community.
  • Your involvement with the Patriot intelligence network took you on many midnight rides.
  • You use your engraving skills to create and spread Patriot propaganda.

Paul Revere is a legend today and like any other legend, there is more to the man than the myths. Long before the “midnight ride”, Paul Revere was a respected silversmith and an active member of his community. When Boston was threatened by Parliament’s policies he devoted all his energy and talent to the cause. The silversmith’s contributions to shaping political opinion were already vast long before the war began.

For more information on Paul Revere, try:

Paul Revere’s House- Paul Revere’s house still stands in Boston’s North End and their website is an excellent source of information.

Paul Revere portrait by John Singleton Copley from The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston- Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts holds the famous portrait of Paul Revere  where it is currently on display along with many examples of his silver. 

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