Richard Gridley

Richard Gridley

A veteran soldier who is coaxed out of retirement to fight for the cause of Liberty.

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Richard Gridley was one of a number of Revolutionary War soldiers who, like George Washington, gained his military experience fighting for the British during the French and Indian War. Despite, or maybe because of this experience, he was convinced to join the Revolution against the British army. At any rate, the Continental Army had great need of men who had been trained by the preeminent military force on the planet.

From the Card:

  • In your youth you serve as an artillery soldier in the British Army and earn a comfortable pension with land grants.
  • Patriot leaders need your talents, and beg you assist them. You promise to lend your skills as long as the Patriots pay your pension.
  • You are appointed as the first Chief Engineer of the Continental Army.
  • You plan the fortifications for the Battle of Bunker Hill, but for reasons known only to yourself, you chose to place them on Breed’s Hill instead.

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