Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson

An Irish sailor in Boston who appreciates a good riot.

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Robert Patterson is one of the hapless bystanders of history who stumbled onto no less than two politically significant incidences of bloodshed in his short visit to town. His tale is a reminder that history is always happening and if you aren't careful, it can happen to you.


From the Card:

  • Between sea voyages you find yourself in Boston for a month with nothing to do.
  • You join a protest against an importer of British goods. The fighting leads to gunfire; you are injured and a young boy is killed.
  • Later you find yourself at the Boston Massacre where a musket ball goes through your wrist, robbing you of the use of your right hand.
  • No longer able to work as a sailor, you are stranded in Boston. The Massachusetts government takes pity on you, granting you a modest pension.

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