Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams

A fiery Patriot leader, rabble rouser, and radical activist.

From the Card:

  • While you are at Harvard, your family goes bankrupt. You work in the dining hall to pay your way.
  • After college you take an active role in politics, becoming a representative in the Massachusetts Assembly.
  • You advocate for uniting the 13 colonies against British rule.
  • You always have trouble managing money. Friends lend you money for a suit when you go to the Provincial Congress in Philadelphia.
  • You are remembered as a brewer, but you do not own a brewery —nor do you drink heavily.

Samuel Adams is envisioned by many as a fiery demagogue who mobilized unwashed masses to do his bidding but this beloved image of  “Sam” Adams was actually created by his enemies to discredit him. Peeling back the myth we discover that Samuel Adams was a radical advocate of Patriot cause but had no love for the spotlight. Instead he wrote critiques, pamphlets and even legislation that ultimately played a crucial role in the American Revolution.

For more information on Samuel Adams, try:

  • Samuel Adams: A Life by Ira Stoll- This book is one of the most recent biographies of Samuel Adams. The goal of the book is to renew interest in Samuel Adams and emphasize his religious and traditional motivations.
  • Founding Myths by Ray Raphael- This book contains a chapter on the myths that surround the man and how they came to be.
  • Samuel Adams portrait by John Singleton Copley from The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston- Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts holds the famous portrait of Samuel Adams where it is currently on display. 

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